ANNOUNCE: KirbyBase 1.4

Jamey Cribbs jcribbs at
Wed Aug 27 20:53:12 CEST 2003

KirbyBase 1.4 is now available at:

What is KirbyBase?

KirbyBase is a simple, pure-Python, plain-text, flat-file database 
management system that can be used either embedded in your application 
or in a client/server, multi-user mode.

To find out more about KirbyBase, go to:


Added two new database field types: and  
datetime.datetime.  They are stored as strings, but are input and output 
as instances of and datetime.datetime respectively.   You 
can use them just like any other field:  you can use them as selection 
criteria (i.e.'plane.tbl', ['began_service'], ['>=%s' %,12,31)) or use them to specify the sort order of the 
result set of a select statement (i.e.'plane.tbl', ['name'], 
['.*'], sortField='range', ascending=False)).

Made a few internal optimizations when running queries that have  
resulted in a 15-20% speed increase when doing large queries or updates.

Changed the name of all private methods from starting with two 
underscores to starting with one underscore based on a discussion in 
comp.lang.python as to how to properly name private variables.

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