Almost uneventful FAQ Wizard setup - except for Globalname error!!

Skip Montanaro skip at
Wed Aug 20 23:26:52 CEST 2003

    >> The FAQ works.  I added several categories (actually in the
    >> file), and added several questions.  However, when I edit an answer
    >> and press the COMIT button, I get the following error:

    >>     emit(LOGHEADER, self.ui, os.environ, date=date, _file=tfn)
    >> NameError: global name 'tfn' is not defined

I think that emit() call should be

    emit(LOGHEADER, self.ui, os.environ, date=date, _file=tf)

(no "n").

    >> One more question.  If I wanted to wipe the FAQ clean, how would I do
    >> this?  I tried on a seperate install (different computer) to delete
    >> all files in my FAQDIR (including the RCS subdir) but faqwiz somehow
    >> remembered where it was in the numbering scheme and kept saying "stop
    >> changing the entry numbers".

Good question.  Note that on we're in the midst of moving
away from faqwiz, and are using ht2html and ReST (docutils) to redo the
current Python FAQ.  This makes it easier to integrate the FAQ with the rest
of the site and makes the FAQ sections easier to edit (they are just plain
text) and reorganize (any text editor will work).


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