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> I'm convinced to try Python!
> I've read many posts, and although I recently bought a book on C to start
> learning it, I'd like to give Python a good chance.
> What IDE would you recommend for someone who needs easiness of use with a
> background of Pascal and VB for MS Office?  I've definitely changed to
> Linux now and I would like a free IDE either for procedural or object
> oriented programming.
> I'd need an easy help on syntax, if possible with examples and a front end
> debugger with easy trace, breakpoints and watches.

Well, I think you will have a hard time ahead. No one who has ever used
Delphi, VB or RealBasic can really understand in what poore shape Python
(and Perl is no better) support is ;-)

The easiest thing would be PythonWorks which however seems to be no longer
available and has never been free.

There is no second best.

The third best would be something like ActiveState's KOMODO Profesional
(with GUI Builder for Tkinter) runs best under Windows, about 300 $ or
Archaeopterix Wing IDE Standard (no GUI Bilder) about the same price.

I personally use IDLE (plain vanille IDE), it has some features, yes. But
probably not what you expect. There are a lot of versions. I personally like
0.81 best.

There are two GUI Toolkits you might like:
PyQt and their GUI Builder (that would be free for non commercial work) if
you plan to do *a lot* of GUI applications. The GUI Builder is *not* an
Python IDE, so that is somewhat off topic ;-)

Then there is wxPython and something like BoaConstructor, but Boa as well is
more a GUI Builder than an IDE, thoug it nows a little bit more Python.

Michael P

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