Path Problem on W2K?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 19 12:41:14 CEST 2003

Duncan Booth wrote:
> Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in
> news:3F40F62D.8B32CFBD at
> > Generally, for something like "Secure Shell", I find it much
> > easier just to write a little batch file that knows the full
> > path.  Put these batch files in a directory called c:\bin
> > or c:\utils or something and add *that* to your path.  Then
> > you can avoid excessive PATH creepage...
> >
> Alternatively create doskey macros for commands like that then you just
> need one file with a load of macro definitions.

Does that let you execute them from other batch files?  I
have a few dozen utilities which run Python scripts by executing
"call python" somewhere, relying on a .bat file
in the PATH.  Does the DOSKEY approach work similarly?


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