Aspect oriented Everything?

Jason Williams jason at
Wed Aug 27 18:40:33 CEST 2003

In article <8ef9bea6.0308270810.7adfe408 at>, Hung Jung Lu wrote:
>>   def methodThatHasToListenForAnEvent
>>     listenForEvent(e) do
>>       # The method stuff goes here
>>     end
>>   end
> The question is: are there code spots that are not factored? If you
> have ONE single class that has to implement the before, around, or
> after methods, sure, nothing wrong with what you have said. But, if
> you have
> You start to ask your self: how come the register() deregister() parts
> are not factor out? How can I factor out these parts of code?


    module EventListenThing
     def listenForEvent(e)
      # ...
    class Thingy
     include EventListenThing
     def wotsit
      listen(e) do
       # ...

What does AOP gain over mixins?

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