Interview with Guido in the Wall Street Journal

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Fri Aug 1 21:15:00 CEST 2003

Will Stuyvesant <hwlgw at> pisze:
> "Lee Gomes: Two men, two ways to speak computerese [The Wall Street
> Journal reports on Python and Perl, and interviews their respective
> authors.] "
> If you click on the link then you will find TWSJ works with
> subscription, "2 weeks for free!".  Hurray!  Forcing people to
> subscribe and then (later) asking money for it is against my
> principles of free information exchange so I didn't read it.

I mailed them (PythonWare) with this information few days ago but I
forget to ask them to include the information somewhere in near of the
link, that this article is for WSJ subscribers only, so it's still
pointing to this paid service. I don't know if this article is available

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