Python vs. C#

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at
Tue Aug 12 03:20:19 CEST 2003

Jimmy Retzlaff wrote:
> In the early days of the PC there was a similar debate over the use of
> Assembly versus higher level languages like C and Pascal. Not many
> problems "required" the features of those higher level languages, but
> people came to understand the benefits in the vast majority of
> applications (benefits like time/money, maintainability, and
> reliability).

Well, I think mainstream commercial industry sees the writing on the wall
regarding garbage collection.  But that's probably the current level of
consensus on "yes, we need a better solution for this."  Python advocates
tend to pooh-pooh strong typing, and I'm wondering if in a large-scale
industrial context, if that's really a valid stance to take.  At any rate, I
expect more years of evolution with languages such as Java and C# before
mainstream industry starts thinking that the more exotic things Python does
are "better solutions" for something that definitely needs fixing.

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