Python + Zope compared to J2EE and .Net

Sig webmestre at
Sun Aug 10 17:07:50 CEST 2003

Hi there,

Could you help me finding out whether Zope could be a serious
technological framework for big corporation (compared to J2EE and
.Net) or not ?

In the (quite very) big corporation I work in, the IT managers are
wondering about the future of web technologies for our intranets.
Currently, we run web applications in many technologies : heavy J2EE
(EJB...), light J2EE (JSP), ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, ... Our big IT boss
wants to build a more homogeneous strategy for the technological
framework of our future intranet web applications. He may identify
J2EE and .Net as the most serious and only candidates for the future
of our intranet technologies.

I would like to promote Zope as good alternative to examine. But I
don't know how I should position Zope as a serious challenger
solution. Is there a hope for Zope in big corporations ?

I may suggest to my IT boss scenariis such as :

A. Zope is the best solution for every of our intranet needs, I would
name it LAMP(Z) = Linux + Apache + Mysql + Python (+Zope)

 - pros => very homogeneous. Cool for maintainability and reusability.
Zope is highly adequate for strong knowledge/content management needs

 - cons => Zope may be to heavy for simple needs we could easily
manage with PHP, Zope skills are rather rare of the market whereas PHP
is now quite easily available.

 - risks => Wouldn't it be to much closed ? Would it be opened enough
for integrating it with our ERPs (SAP), business intelligence
solutions (Business Objects, Hyperion, ...), with transactional
systems ?

B. The solution is LAMP(PZ) as Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP + Python

 - pros => PHP is cool and Zope too. PHP and Zope seem to be
complementary (PHP for "simple needs", Python + Zope for "complex
needs"). PHP skills are available on the market.

 - cons => Integrating Zope and PHP is quite difficult and risky
(XML-RPC, ...). The framework remains quite heterogeneous.

C. Or there is no hope for zope and the only open source candidate is
LAMP as Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP

 - pros => homogeneous.

 - cons => PHP may not be adequate for building complex IT
architectures. It should be accompanied with some J2EE or .Net

What do you think about that ? Is there a hope for Zope in big
corporations ?

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