Emacs python-mode,py-pychecker-run problem.

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Aug 18 18:30:36 CEST 2003

    Pedro> I am trying to run pychecker on the current buffer on python-mode
    Pedro> using the py-pychecker-run command, but it fails with the
    Pedro> "Symbol's function definition is void: read-shell-command"
    Pedro> error. I don't know elisp, but seems this is the point where the
    Pedro> error occurs:
    Pedro> And as far as I can understand, seems like my emacs doesn't have
    Pedro> the read-shell-command function.

So it would appear.  Here's the doc for XEmacs read-shell-command:

    `read-shell-command' is a compiled Lisp function
      -- loaded from "/Users/skip/src/xemacs-21.5.9/lisp/minibuf.elc"
    (read-shell-command PROMPT &optional INITIAL-INPUT HISTORY DEFAULT-VALUE)

    Just like read-string, but uses read-shell-command-map:

    button2         minibuffer-smart-select-highlighted-completion
    down            next-history-element
    linefeed        exit-minibuffer
    next            Kbd Macro: M-n
    prior           Kbd Macro: M-p
    return          exit-minibuffer
    tab             comint-dynamic-complete
    up              previous-history-element
    C-g             minibuffer-keyboard-quit
    C-i             comint-dynamic-complete
    C-j             exit-minibuffer
    C-m             exit-minibuffer
    M-?             comint-dynamic-list-completions
    M-n             next-history-element
    M-p             previous-history-element
    M-r             previous-matching-history-element
    M-s             next-matching-history-element
    M-tab           comint-dynamic-complete
    M-C-i           comint-dynamic-complete

And here's its implementation (from minibuf.el):

    (defun read-shell-command (prompt &optional initial-input history default-value)
      "Just like read-string, but uses read-shell-command-map:
      (let ((minibuffer-completion-table nil))
        (read-from-minibuffer prompt initial-input read-shell-command-map
                              nil (or history 'shell-command-history)
                              nil default-value)))

Can you see if that definition works for you?  If not, what about simply
substituting (read-string ...) for (read-shell-command ...)?


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