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David M. Cook davecook at
Mon Aug 18 14:40:27 CEST 2003

In article <bhqe4p$23loq$1 at>, Lupe wrote:

> I'd need an easy help on syntax, if possible with examples and a front end
> debugger with easy trace, breakpoints and watches.

I've never used Python's debugger in years of Python programming.  Or are
you asking about C now?  I think DDD supports Python debugging, though.

For Python work I use XEmacs.  It has a very good python mode.  I just don't
think Python's syntax is complex enough to need help from an IDE.  For
library help I just keep a link on my browser toolbar to a local copy of
the Python html docs.

There are several good IDEs for C, but you should not use their existence as
an excuse for not learning how to write a Makefile.

Dave Cook

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