Version Problem

Martin v. Löwis martin.vonloewis at
Thu Aug 7 11:33:58 CEST 2003

> Which is the recommanded way to deal with different python versions and
> extension modules?

Use distutils. This allows rebuilding extension modules in a matter of

> I'm looking for some easy-to-use method, preventing me
> from maintaining my module for different python versions and which gives
> the user the most flexibillity.

You only have to maintain a single source code version, covering all Python
versions. You can then choose to just release the source code, leaving the
burden of building binary distributions on the user. Or you can provide
binary versions for selected platforms yourself, which is best done by
all target Python versions installed on a single machine, and producing
binaries for these.

> Besides: Does anybody know a good method for GNU autoconf to check which
> python version is installed?

No. However, with distutils, this is unnecessary.


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