large-scale app development in python?

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>> hi,
>> at the company where i'm working we have to rewrite a part of our
>> java-based application in a different language.
Me, too.  As deep as my reservations about Java are,
and as fond as I am of Python, "we have to rewrite a
part of our ... application ..." sounds suspicious to
		[lots of stuff others
		have covered well]
>In many ways languages like Python are *more* suited than C++ or Java
>for larger and more complex applications. There are many reasons why
I want to repeat this.

No, we have no proof that Python is fit for large-scale
programming, in the sense that no one has truly put into
production (to the best of my knowledge) a thirty-million-
lines-of-source-code Python-based application, and there
*are* such beasts in C and C++.

HOWEVER, for all scales in my experience, Python has been
MORE fit than C and C++, and differentially more so, the
larger the project.  C and C++ are NOT good languages for
programming-in-the-large; they are merely conventional

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