Is Python your only programming language?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Wed Aug 13 00:22:11 CEST 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 05:44:45 GMT, "Joe Cheng" <code at>
> I want to ask you hard-core c.l.p Pythonistas: Do you use Python for
> everything?  

I'm not sure I'm "hard core" but I use Python most days.
However most projects I work on use many programming 
languages - I think the record was 12 languages on 1 project. 
An average is probably around 5.

I use Python mainly for prototyping and proof of concept work
during design, the results get turned into C++, Java, COBOL 
or assembler depending on the project.

In theory we could use Python for an embedded scripting language
but Tcl and VBScript have already grabbed that slot in our
corporate armoury...

> finally, do you foresee a day when Python can be, for all practical intents
> and purposes, your only programming language?

Nope, there will always be places where I want to use Lisp or
Prolog. Even awk is better for some things. And when the code
really gets down n' dirty nothing beats raw C and assembler...

Alan G.
Author of the Learn to Program website

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