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>>> I've recently been very interested in learning Python but I seem to
>>> lack direction while reading the tutorials.  I understand the syntax
>>> and everything concerning the language itself but the tutorials I have
>>> seen are merely displaying features of the language rather than
> Thanks for the help.  I will definitely look into these links very
> hard but I must point out that I'm not a teenager or a beginner
> programmer, just someone who has lost motivation to learn but would
> like to get it back.
> I just get bored with examples that don't really contribute to a
> program or the like.  Thanks for the link.

If you're keen on books that present actual, biggish, substantial
programs as the examples, try Magnue Lie Hetland's "Practical Python",
APress -- I personally prefer toy-level examples (which Magnus has
in the first half of his book -- the significant programs make up
the second half) but MLH did a great job working the "real" things
out.  Don't think the book's available anywhere online, though.


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