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Mon Aug 18 21:45:36 CEST 2003

On 18 Aug 2003 12:26:14 -0700, stephen at (s)
> anyone aware of an online tutorial with examples that actually end up
> creating a semi-useful program and not just snippets of code
> displaying how the code functions?

How useful it is depends on how seriously you need the data but
my tutor ends up with a case study of a grammar counter. It
starts out as a commandline tool (evolved from the word counter
developed in an earlier chapter), takes it to an OO style and
finally to a GUI form using Tkinter.

Its not the last word in accuracy(!!) but is supposed to be
representative of the kind of thing a newbie who has just
finished the tutor could do for themselves...

If you buy the paper book version you get a games framework
example too which is developed into a hangman game, (and on
the CD the code for a mastermind game using the same 
framework too). The framework and hangman code(with extra
comments) are available on Useless Python...

But whether you count that as useful I dunno. And its a chapter
at the end rather than being developed as you go through the
tutor (which is what you want I think?)

Anyways, pay a visit if you think it would help.
Just remember its aimed at complete beginnes to programming.

Alan G.
Author of the Learn to Program website

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