Python speed vs csharp

Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at
Mon Aug 4 11:14:26 CEST 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:

> Still, the performance ratio of psyco-optimized Python vs C on my
> machine is much better than that of bigloo vs C on Mr Gonzi's Celeron,
> and with no need for type declarations either.  So much, then, for
> Mr Gonzi's claims about Python being "more or less crap"!-)

Oh man. I forget to tell if you comment out

(x (exact->inexact x))

the Bigloo version calculates things in 0.25 seconds (as compared to 0.5 
seconds of the C version).

Okay, a lot of people have learned a lot from your post. Maybe they can 
use some techniques for their own Python programming.

But still Python is crap. Sorry to tell you the truth. It is not only 
speed. Look if I do not use types in Bigloo it is 10 times slower than 
C. So performance is not everything; at least for me.

But Mr. Martelli your post was very funny. It is always a pleasure for 
me to make loosers upset (yes I know your contribution to Python is huge 
especially because you are book author). Oh, man I always thought such 
individuals are just in the CommonLisp community.

If you are pragamatic Python is okay and has a lot to offer.

S. Gonzi

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