Python vs. C#

Istvan Albert ialbert at
Mon Aug 11 04:30:20 CEST 2003

Brandon J. Van Every wrote:

> For instance, Perl has become popular because
> it's overwhelmingly useful for sysadmin and web admin.  But I am not seeing
> Python's overwhelming utility compared to other languages.  You can do apps,
> you can do web admin, but most people are doing Java, C#, or Perl.  And
> unlike C++ they aren't bad languages, so Python is not offering an obvious
> "slam dunk" remedy.

As far as I'm concerned it does not have to be "slam dunk". Just a 
little better is enough, that goes a long way and adds up quickly in 
larger projects. That's why people use python, it is not a conspiracy 
nor a brainwashing that made it popular. For many tasks it works better 
than anything else out there.

 > I'm beginning to think that within 5 years, no new applications
 > will be written in C++.

Most people get paid for what they get done today. Not in five years.
So I wouldn't lose sleep yet.

C# was created to counteract Java. Unlike Python it would die quickly
if it weren't for the marketing muscle of Microsoft. So claiming as
the holy grail seems a bit of a joke.


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