Tix + Python + Windows?

Josh pushpin at media.mit.edu
Wed Aug 13 01:44:17 CEST 2003

I've been trying to get Tix running with Python on Windows.  Since
there is no binary distributions of Tix for Windows, it seems the
easiest way to install Tix is through IDiscovery's IDEStudio 1.9
(http://starship.python.net/crew/mike/Idle/).  This went fine and I
ran the "Install Tix into Python" option at the end of the
installation, with the target Python installation being the Python 2.2
I just mentioned.  I also ran the "Run Tix demos" option at the end of
the installation, which also worked fine and presented the usual
tixwidgets.py demo.  However, when I tried running

>>> import Tix
>>> root = Tix.Tk()

from a Python 2.2 prompt, I got the following error:

error reading package index file
C:/Python22/tcl/tix8.1/pkgIndex.tcl: invalid command name

The only mention of this problem I can find is at:


but there doesn't seem to be a clear resolution put forth.  By the
way, IDEStudio 1.9 comes with a stand-alone Python 2.1 binary and the
Tix demo it ran at the end of installation was actually just a batch
file containing

tix8183.exe ..\..\Demos\Tcl\tixwidgets.tcl

Has anyone else had any problems with this?  Any suggestions?


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