string/file manipulation simple

Andreas Kuntzagk andreas.kuntzagk at
Fri Aug 1 15:59:37 CEST 2003

> I was just creating an encryption/ decryption program in python, ive got
> no problem with the algothims or anything like that. my only difficulty is
> how to i take a file and read in each charecter and then preform and
> operation to it and then output it to another file, basically i just wanna
> know how to take a string and then perform actions to each charecter

For example like:

def code_func(c):
    # something clever
    return new_c

result = "".join(map(code_func,my_string)) #if code(c) returns a string
result = "".join([str(item) for item in map(code_func,my_string)])

or you could do:

for c in my_string:
    # some computation
result = "".join(resultchars)

(Beware: untested code)


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