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Rodrigo Benenson rodrigob at
Tue Aug 26 00:41:19 CEST 2003

Rebol offers a free (non-opensource) platform to devellop internet enabled
It is a modern scripting language with objects, a huge list of base types
and a very very clean syntax. It is full multiplaftorm.
Rebol is able to manage 14 internet protocols (http, ftp, dns, finger,
whois, pop, smtp, etc...) , offer data storage and reading, is able to
manage various compression formats, various image file format (bmp, gif,
png, jpg, etc...) and has a very very easy to use graphic interface
construction dialect.
His syntax allow to devellop simple dialects to extend the language on some
specific application domains (example: there is a dialect for creating
As everything is internet enable is allow easy collaboration and
comunication between clients.

Everything until now can be rivalized by Python. My point is:

All of the above comes the 500 Kb Rebol/View distribution !!

 (for the most common platforms)

To do the same thing in python I would need:

Python (>5 Mb)
Twisted (>5 Mb)
Imaging (>400Kb)
More than 10 Mb

Ok, python probably is a little faster and is a programming language, not a
scripting one.

But how to explain such a difference ?

Rodrigo Benenson.

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