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(System: P-II 350, 192 meg, Win98 SE, Python 2.2.3, 

I'm having a lot of fun getting started with Python ... it is the most
elegant and graceful language I have ever used (Fortran, Cobol, Basic, many
assemblers, Forth, C, VB, etc.).  I don't have the resources or the
research time to buy a stack of books, so I'm begging help here.  Please be
graciously patient.

I want to edit and run a SIMPLE beginner's program from the IDLE GUI.
Within the program, I want to pop up a Windows modal dialog box with a
message "Is this a test?"; a title "Test Query"; and I want YES|NO buttons
to exit and pass a yes|no boolean back to the program.  The program will
then pop up a second dialog message box "You selected (yes or no)" with
title "Response:" with a close button.  I don't really care if there is a
"parent(?)" frame on the screen (but I prefer not) for the duration of the
program, as long as it is terminated properly before the program ends.

Here is everything but the popups:

   # Program: ... "Hello World" for popups

   # Import and set up the tk/WX/?? popups here.
   # As minimal as is possible

   print "Begin program"
   # Prepare the basic programmatic messages
   strMess1 = "Is this a Test?"
   strTitle1 = "Test Query"
   strResponse = "You selected "
   strTitle2 = "Response:"

# 1st popup goes here:
# Message = strMess1
# Title = strTitle1
# YES|NO buttons Returning Boolean boolVar

   # Build the appropriate response
   if boolVar:
       strResponse += "YES"
       strResponse += "NO"

# 2nd popup goes here:
# Message = strResponse
# Title = strTitle2
# and close button

   print "End of Program"

Once I get this far, I will have the guts of everything I need (for now!).
I just can't seem to find enough beginner's information for the simple
popup pieces.  I know I'm trying to incorporate Windows stuff in a DOS type
environment, but I'm sure it can be done.

I already have a filter written in Python to read and parse a directory of
files into a dictionary of location #s and file names, read in a master
location list, and create a text file of an HTML table with file links in
the cells.  I have about 120 locations to deal with, and it is working
great.  I just need a couple of primitive user interface points, and popups
are standard.

Thank you for your gracious comments, suggestions, assistance, and even

        Blessings in abundance, all the best, and ENJOY!

        Art Du Rea        Carlisle, PA

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