Win32 documentation in CHM?

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Sun Aug 31 20:39:22 CEST 2003

Robin Becker <robin at> wrote in message news:<CDURXJA3QHU$EwUz at>...
> It seems the Gods are proposing to distribute the documentation and help
> for Python-2.3.1 in .chm form. I particularly detest .chm and much
> prefer .html as it works across all platforms. Additionally by having a
> single index.html for all of the various bits of Python help I can link
> in things like Pmw, PIL and Quick Guide etc with a simple text editor.
> The argument is made that .chm is a better mechanism (more searchable
> indexable etc) for help/documentation than html. Is that really so? HTML
> is at least an open standard.

I don't think there is any intention to discontinue generation of
HTML, PDF, and other formats of the documentation.  You can currently
get it here:

and presumably once it's

They are just changing the Windows default install to provide standard
Windows help files.

Windows is currently the only platform where documentation is
installed by default.  A standard 'make && make install' on ohter
doesn't do anything with the documentation.  Everyone else has to
download it anyways, or use the magical incantations necessary to
generate it from the LaTeX source.

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