Win32All Crashes Python 2.3?

Roger Upole rupole at
Wed Aug 6 07:46:31 CEST 2003

I get the same thing on Win2k, Python 2.3 anytime a unicode string is
passed to os.lstat (without invoking any win32all modules)
Looks like the problem is in posixmodule.c
  PyUnicodeObject *po;
  if (PyArg_ParseTuple(args, wformat, &po)) {
wformat at run time is "u:lstat", which should have
a unicode pointer for the receiving argument, not a PyUnicodeObject.
os.stat (which works for a unicode string) uses uppercase U in the format.


"Tim Daneliuk" <tundra at> wrote in message at
> Some time ago I wrote a portable file system browser, twander, that,
> when runnning on Win32, will make use of the Win32All extensions if they
> are present on the target system.
> twander primarily uses Win32All to get file attribute and ownership
> information back in Win32-specific ways each time a new directory is
> entered. (Ordinarily (if Win32All is not installed), it just displays an
> 'ls -al' style output and dummies up ownership and group membership.)
> Now the problem - twander has worked fine with previous versions of
> Python/Win32All up to and including 2.2.x.  It also works fine
> with 2.3.  HOWEVER, if I install any of the 2.3 relevant versions
> of Win32All, when I change to a new directory, Python crashes.
> No traceback information is given so I cannot determine exactly
> why this is happening.  What is strange is that the program
> starts OK, which means it is using Win32All calls to determine
> file system information for the initial directory.  It is only
> upon changing directories that Python gets blown out of the water.
> While it is certainly possible that this is a bug in my code, I
> cannot imagine what it might be.  The program has worked flawlessly
> on a wide variety of Unix/FreeBSD/Win32 systems with no reports
> of this sort of thing.
> Anyone have any ideas what could cause this?  Is this a reported
> Win32All bug?
> TIA,
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