how fast is Python?

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Thu Aug 21 20:56:14 CEST 2003

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> On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 06:40:04 +0200, Michael Peuser paused, took a deep
> breath, then came out with:
> > A bottleneck can be Tkinter. Use something different then (Qt, wx)..
> Wow!
> I've found wx to be way slower than Tkinter.
> On a P133 running Win98, a McMillan-compiled prog using wx took twice as
> long to start up as a similar prog implemented in Tkinter.

Of course! The wx DLL is mor ethan 6 MB whilest Tcl/Tk still keeps around 1.
I am not talking about start up. When you have ever used a Canvas with a
600x800 Image oder with a thousend items or a TIX HList with a dozend
diffently styled columns you might know WHAT I am talking about.

Even with less filled widgets, most of what you perceive as "lazy" with e.g.
games is generally not the Python but the Tcl interpreter. Pygame shows that
you can dio fast visualisation with Python.

Michael P

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