thread debugging

Kevin Cazabon kevin at
Fri Aug 15 19:56:46 CEST 2003

Two solutions I can see:

1)  at the end of your main script... don't exit.  use "while 1:
pass".  That'll keep the main script running so you can debug normally

2)  output a log file from each thread (log before and after each
significant event)


Robert Hayes <robert.hayes at> wrote in message news:<bhip98$sc8$1 at>...
> Hi,
> This may well be a very stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway:
> I have a script that uses Thread classes.  All it does (when called as a 
> __main__ script) is initialise the classes and start() them.  Then it exits.
> The problem is that I can't debug those threads with a standard debugger 
> (I'm using PythonWin 157 btw), because the script has already exited! 
> (even though the threads are still running).  So any breakpoints I set 
> are ignored...
> My question is thus: is impossible to debug this threaded code, or is 
> there some way that I can? (preferable using pythonwin; sorry, my *nix 
> friends, but I am confined to windows for this one ;))
> thanks,
> ~Rob

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