Beginner's popups in vanilla Python program

Greg Brunet gregbrunet at
Sun Aug 3 07:26:56 CEST 2003

I responded in a bit more detail in the wxPython newsgroup/list, but it
seems that EasyGUI would be the best interface for you to use (compared
to something like wxPython), since you seem to be thinking/designing in
linear, traditional terms instead of event-driven.  You should be able
to find it with a Google search.  Also, there are lots of on-line docs &
tutorials, so you should be able to get by without buying books for a
while at least.


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> Esteemed List Participants and Lurkers:
> (System: P-II 350, 192 meg, Win98 SE, Python 2.2.3,
>          wxPythonWIN32-
> I'm having a lot of fun getting started with Python ... it is the most
> elegant and graceful language I have ever used (Fortran, Cobol, Basic,
> assemblers, Forth, C, VB, etc.).  I don't have the resources or the
> research time to buy a stack of books, so I'm begging help here.
Please be
> graciously patient.
> I want to edit and run a SIMPLE beginner's program from the IDLE GUI.
> Within the program, I want to pop up a Windows modal dialog box with a
> message "Is this a test?"; a title "Test Query"; and I want YES|NO
> to exit and pass a yes|no boolean back to the program.  The program
> then pop up a second dialog message box "You selected (yes or no)"
> title "Response:" with a close button.  I don't really care if there
is a
> "parent(?)" frame on the screen (but I prefer not) for the duration of
> program, as long as it is terminated properly before the program ends.
> Here is everything but the popups:
>    # Program: ... "Hello World" for popups
>    # Import and set up the tk/WX/?? popups here.
>    # As minimal as is possible
>    print "Begin program"
>    # Prepare the basic programmatic messages
>    strMess1 = "Is this a Test?"
>    strTitle1 = "Test Query"
>    strResponse = "You selected "
>    strTitle2 = "Response:"
> # 1st popup goes here:
> # Message = strMess1
> # Title = strTitle1
> # YES|NO buttons Returning Boolean boolVar
>    # Build the appropriate response
>    if boolVar:
>        strResponse += "YES"
>    else:
>        strResponse += "NO"
> # 2nd popup goes here:
> # Message = strResponse
> # Title = strTitle2
> # and close button
>    print "End of Program"
> Once I get this far, I will have the guts of everything I need (for
> I just can't seem to find enough beginner's information for the simple
> popup pieces.  I know I'm trying to incorporate Windows stuff in a DOS
> environment, but I'm sure it can be done.
> I already have a filter written in Python to read and parse a
directory of
> files into a dictionary of location #s and file names, read in a
> location list, and create a text file of an HTML table with file links
> the cells.  I have about 120 locations to deal with, and it is working
> great.  I just need a couple of primitive user interface points, and
> are standard.
> Thank you for your gracious comments, suggestions, assistance, and
> criticisms.
>         Blessings in abundance, all the best, and ENJOY!
>         Art Du Rea        Carlisle, PA

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