Advice to a Junior in High School?

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Terry Reedy wrote:
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> > have heard a whole lot about the fact that the market for software
> engineers
> > nowadays is *HORRIBLE*, and that I should double major or perhaps go
> into a
> > field of study in which I'm not very interested.
> The demand for software engineers has fluctuated up and down, in
> various industries and regions, for decades.  An article in the
> current Business 2.0 on the 'coming labor shortage' points out that
> you are part of the first generation in America to be numerically
> smaller than your parents generation.  In ten years, when boomers have
> or are retiring, there will probably be a relatively shortage of tech
> workers.

Note that this is true for (almost) all western countries.
In Dutch it's called "vergrijzing".

Gerrit, who happens to study a field with an extreme shortage of
engineers/scientists (applied physics), which will be only worse/better
in 5 years... (The Netherlands)

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