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> Alan James Salmoni wrote:
> > Personally, I would include:
> > 
> > 1) SciTE [...]
> > 2) Leo [...]
> Neither one is an IDE (they lack a debugger). They're only editors.
good point but I hope this wont be a choice limiting factor.
calling Leo only an editor 
is like calling python only a script language.
although, true Leo doesn't come out of the box with debugging.
personally I added pdb to automatically be entered on any error 
per a cookbook entry to my .
there could be a debugger plugin (yes Leo has plugins)
not light weight limited plugins, full skys the limit plugins.
you can execute any script by selecting it, 
you want debugging, import pdb or whatever your favorite.
Leo doesn't get in your way in this regard.
not having tried any of the higher powered IDE for python, 
maybe I would like debugging support. I do require it in C.
since python does so much for you already I don't miss it much.
I do spend a little time recharging the batteries though.
a visual debugger/program emulator would be on anyones wish list.
running code from the IDE in general isn't really cost effective.
just for the import file command, which seperates code from many 
languages into an outline which you can then use to refactor,
and the c to python script included makes it worth using.
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