Python 2.2.3 memory leaks?

Anthony Baxter anthony at
Tue Dec 9 01:15:02 CET 2003

>>> Robert wrote
> I'm having to use 2.2.3 to port to other platforms. I started porting
> a few months ago, and only recently had time to finish it. I just
> noticed there seems to be some memory leaks, and not only in some
> static function variables they use.

There's been a number of memory leaks fixed in 2.3. If you can, please
try 2.3.3rc1 (announced a few days ago). In the absence of someone 
willing to take up the job of backporting these fixes to the 2.2 line,
these fixes won't be going into 2.2, nor will there be a future release
in the 2.2 line. 

I have no plans or interest in 2.2 - the changes between 2.2 and 2.3 
are so slight (from a code point of view) that I'm skipping straight
past the 2.2 series for my production systems.


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