Python Learning Foundation

Ron Stephens rstephens at
Mon Dec 1 02:40:54 CET 2003

The newly rechristened Python Learning Foundation is a web site
dedicated to the assistance of people learning the Python programming
language. Features include:

1. Daily lists of new and recent Python-related web articles,
Sourceforge projects, and Vaults of Parnassus listings. These are
generated using Hans Nowak's Python web spider,, and are
automatically updated each day. (You can visit Han's interesting blog
at <a href = "">zephyrfalcon</a> )

2. Now, there are also daily postings of new and recent web articles,
Sourceforge projects and etcetera for four additional categories,
Zope, Jython, Tkinter, and wxPython, as well as historical listings of
web articles on these subjects. Other specific topics can be covered
regularly upon user request.

3. Links to 76 online tutorials about Python and Python related

4. More than 28 reviews of books about Python.

There are many other topics and features covered in the web site, and,
of course, the best is yet to come.

Please visit the <a href = "">Python
Learning Foundation</a>.

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