Using XUL with python

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Dec 10 00:08:05 CET 2003

Gabriele Farina wrote:
> Tnx a lot to everyone.
> I looked at Luxor yesterday, but I don't want to use jython to build my
> application.
> Instead pyXPCOM seems a good job, but I cant install the estension under
> windows.
> Now I'll try to read the documentation you give me and then I'll try to
> install the extension.
> It seems pyXPCOM needs mozilla running to be functional. Is this true?? How
> can I merge my program and mozilla toghether to work like Komodo does?

It seems likely to me that since so few people are approaching
application development this way, the answers are not straightforward
and you should be prepared for a lot of trial-and-error development
on your own, rather than finding a nice tutorial that tells you how
to do it all.

I could be wrong... it just doesn't look like mainstream technology from here.


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