What GUI toolkit looks the best?

Sridhar R r_sridhar at users.sf.net
Tue Dec 16 13:41:58 CET 2003

Well.  I personally prefer PyGTK2.  The reasons are ...

1. Great GTK/GNOME integration - Looks great under GNU/Linux and any
system with GNOME desktop.

2. Looks even great under Windows (also XP).  If you don't believe
check out the Gtk-Wimp project.


GTK-Wimp is a Windows GTK theme that mimicks a Windows native look and
feel by delegating the drawing to the Windows API, resulting in near
perfect desktop integration, especially when you run XP. GTK-Wimp
respects your system font and colors.

And see the screenshots here


Somebody in the thread said that Gtk code is lengthier.  But in any
project, GUI contributes only few lines of code. So this doesn't
matters anyway.

Also PyGtk(GTK) API is nice for programmers.  I am not happy with
wxPython's (wxWindows either) API.   Also, for me the wxPython demo
application crashed in (Slackware) GNU/Linux.

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