Threads with Python 2.2.2 on Red Hat 9.0

Oren Tirosh oren-py-l at
Sat Dec 20 14:28:17 CET 2003

On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 12:27:50AM +0000, Neil Hodgson wrote:
>    I am seeing some problems with threads on Red Hat Linux 9.0. With no 
> LD_ASSUME_KERNEL environment variable set, a large proportion, possibly 
> 20%, of threads do not run. They are created OK and their __init__ which 
> includes a setDaemon(1) is successful. start() is called on the thread 
> object and a message successfully displayed after the start() call. But 
> no message is produced by the thread's run() method. The thread class is 
> derived directly from threading.Thread and in its __init__ calls 
> threading.Thread.__init__(self) before calling self.setDaemon(1).

Can you post the code that causes this problem? Preferably, it should be 
the smallest program that consistently displays different behavior with 
and without setting LD_ASSUME_KERNEL. The regression tests for threads 
pass fine on RH9. 


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