Project dream

Paul Rubin http
Wed Dec 31 06:51:17 CET 2003

"Andrew Dalke" <adalke at> writes:
> Suppose it takes 15 minutes for Christian to write up an idea.
> Suppose it then starts a thread, and he spends another 45 minutes
> on that thread to get his point across.  And suppose it goes nowhere.
> (As he says, that's the usual case.  It's easy to talk, hard to do.)
> Then that's an hour which could have been spent on more productive
> efforts.

There could be a wiki page somewhere with a list of interesting
project suggestions.  I'd put stuff there.  I can think of all kinds
of cool programs that I'd like for other people to write ;-).

> Are you going to the Python conference?  That's a great way to
> talk with a lot of people and get ideas for projects.  (And they
> too have their own way to convert sugar into artificial sweetners.)

Nah, too expensive, I may go to CodeCon. 

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