Sound generation recommendations?

Chris S chrisks at
Wed Dec 17 23:32:28 CET 2003

The only reasonably reliable python sound toolkit I know of is Snack, Unfortunately, it's mainly geared towards
tcl, is relatively light on documentation (especially on sound generation),
and the author seems to have lost interest in the project.

Pygame,, also has some sound generation capabilities,
although they're not its primary focus.

Chris S.

"Charles Hixson" <charleshixsn at> wrote in message
news:mailman.257.1071687046.9307.python-list at
> I'm looking for a simple means of generatings sounds.  Basically what I
> want to do is play music from the information available in sheet music.
> I would like to send the commands to the player in relatively short
> bursts (the initial application is desired
> to be a rising diatonic scale everytime the ball bounces off a paddle in
> a game of pong, based on (an SDL application).  I think that
> the beep function in the winsound module would work, but I want this to
> work on Linux and the Mac, and I don't even have a Windows box to test
> it on.
> It would be nice if I could also specify the "instrument", for some
> definition of instrument.  But this would be useful only if I had access
> to a library of instruments.  Stereo might be a nice feature to add in
> later, but not yet unless it were really easy.  My feeling about this
> part right now is "KISS, or you'll be diverted from the parts that are
> more important.".
> All the sound modules I've looked at seem to run off of sampled wave
> forms ... and this is nearly the opposite of what I want.

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