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Jan Decaluwe jan at jandecaluwe.com
Wed Dec 10 19:11:54 CET 2003

Terry Reedy wrote:
> "Jan Decaluwe" <jan at jandecaluwe.com> wrote in message
> news:3FD6EA60.2000905 at jandecaluwe.com...
>>Jan Decaluwe wrote:
>>>Is there a way to dereference a cell object (that is, get
>>>the object that it references to) in Python?
>>I got the following response from Samuele Pedroni.:
>>well you can ... use this hack (it's a huge hack but it is safe and does
> the trick):
>>def proto_acc(v=None):
>>  def acc():
>>    return v
>>  return acc
>>acc0 = proto_acc()
>>import new
>>make_acc = lambda cell: (new.function
> (acc0.func_code,acc0.func_globals,'#cell_acc',acc0.func_defaults,(cell,)))
>>def cell_deref(cell):
>>  return make_acc(cell)()
> Cute, Samuele.  If function.func_closure were writable (which it is not)
> then I believe the last four lines could be condensed as the more readable
> def cell_deref(cell):
>     acc0.func_closure = (cell,)
>     return acc0()
> but since it is not, you instead make a new function that is a near copy of
> acc0 but with (cell,) substituted as *its* func_closure.

Aha, *that's* what the last argument is: func_closure. For those interested,
this is not yet in the documentation of module new, but it is documented
in new.function.__doc__.

Thanks a lot for this hack, it looks just what I need. I even start to
understand it, I believe. (Next thing I would like to understand is
how the hell you came up with this!)

Regards, Jan

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