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>by step.  i think there is a third option you should consider, and IMO it's the best.  it's studying small fully working 
>recipes that concentrate on one issue at a time and gives you a good foundation to build upon.  fortunately, there is a 
>book that does just this and it's called "Python Cookbook".   i think if you try to go for the one big program, you will 
>miss out on a lot of important stuff.  I think there are also free online tutorials that do much the same thing such as 
>"Dive into Python".  anyways, just my opinion.

Python Cookbook may be too advanced for a beginner.  I would work
through Learning Python first.  The main problem with Learning Python
is that it is out of date, and some of the language features, like
scoping rules, have been significantly changed.  There is a new
edition due real soon.  Also, you won't get too far off the path if
you follow the tutorials from at the same time you work
through the book.

Dive into Python is *Excelllent*, but it also focuses on the language,
rather than the operational details, which the OP requested.  Also,
the author makes it clear, this is a fast ride through some cool
features, not an introduction.

-- Dave

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