portable development -- python for the pda?

Anton Vredegoor anton at vredegoor.doge.nl
Tue Dec 2 14:38:33 CET 2003

lutz at rmi.net (Mark Lutz) wrote:

>I'm using Python on a Sharp Zaurus C760 these days,
>one of the Japan models that you can get converted
>to English from a number of importers.  It comes
>with a full VGA (640x480) swivel screen, and a nice
>keyboard.  The keyboard isn't full size, but it's 
>much better than the thumbs-key input of most PDAs. 
>Python runs well on this machine too, with the Sharp 
>ROM; you can code and run both console and Qtopia
>GUI applications.  You can also run vim, gcc, mySql,
>SQLite, Apache, and so on.  With gcc, you can even
>code and compile Python C extensions right on the PDA.
>There's a new X11 ROM as well (haven't tried it yet).

This machine is very interesting for me too. But three things have
kept me from acquiring it. 

First it's a bit pricey, probably about 700 euros or so? Prices tend
to get better so maybe it will become possible in a few months. 

Secondly it's not really possible to have a look at it before buying,
because one has to mail order it, but maybe this will change too in
the near future. 

Third and most important point for me is that I have some application
I want to use it for, it's my own little pygobo freeware script that
"nobody" wants to download but which is in my opinion the best
sgf-file viewer for baduk there is (at least for someone that can
program Python). However this viewer is written using TKinter and
there seems to be no such thing as Tkinter on any pda.

Could you please comment on any of these points and give some
guesstimate of the time frame in which such a machine will become
feasible for me. I'd *really* like to review go-files while lying in
bed or while walking in the woods or whatever and my script is already
ideally suited for use on such a machine with its full-screen mode and
rotatable go-board (sorry for the plugging)


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