dynamic typing question

Robin Munn rmunn at pobox.com
Fri Dec 26 20:49:24 CET 2003

Jason Tesser <JTesser at nbbc.edu> wrote:
> Hi, 
>> Along with everything others have already written--that
>> you want to focus on test-driven development, that Python
>> is a proven success in Serious Applications, and so on--
>> your description raises a few concerns in my mind:
>> 1.  Why, in your mind or your teammate's,   
>>     is dynamic typing a "lack"?  What, pre-       
>>    cisely, is the benefit of static typing?       
>>    There are a number of legitimate 
>>    answers.  It occurs to me that, without 
>>    precision on which interest you, we 
>>    might be missing an opportunity to 
>>    clarify "The Python Way" significantly.
> The typing errors that would not be found until runtime.

I've found pychecker to be very useful in catching those:


Robin Munn
rmunn at pobox.com

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