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Wed Dec 3 09:42:52 CET 2003


I am planning a program and I need some advice about what tool to use.

Basically my program will deal with a object A. A is a list like
object with same attributtes and a list of objects B. B is also a list
like object with attributes and a list of object C.

class A:
  Name = ""
  List = [] # List of B

class B:
  Name = ""
  List = [] # List of C


I want to store the information in a A object in a file. The structure
is a tree-like structure and I think XML is a good choice. I want to
know what model SAX or DOM, will be better to write/read the
information from the file. Is posible the files to get big (>1MB) and
the XML HOWTO recommend to use SAX, is that ok? what would be eaiser?

In a future i want to be able to do search and in different instances
of object A. I think i can storoe the information in a database
format. What tool are suitable for this task? I have read somethin
about MySQL and PostgreSQL, but i think they are only for servers, no
for program, is that all right?

I would build a GUI for the program (presumibly with wxPython). I want
to separate the GUI layer from the program layer. For comunication of
this two layer I have think in asyncore, but i have read something
about twisted and piro. Can anyone give my his/her opinion about this?

Thanks in advance


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