scipy for Python 2.3 on win?

Zunbeltz Izaola zunbeltz at
Thu Dec 4 11:21:27 CET 2003

Markus von Ehr <markus.vonehr at> writes:

> Hi,
> is there already a scipy windows binary for Py2.3?
it is a distribution for doing science with python.
it is build for windows with python 2.2 or 2.3
and the component for python 2.3 are:

wxPython wxWindows for Python
PIL 1.1.4: Python Imaging Library
VTK 4.2.2: 3D Visualization Toolkit
MayaVi 1.2: 3D Data Visualization Tool
Numeric 23.1: Numerical Python
SciPy 0.2: Scientific Library for Python
ScientificPython 2.4.3: A collection of Python modules for scientific computing
F2PY 2.35.229-1505: A Fortran to Python interface generator
Chaco 0.1.0: Plotting toolkit for Python
Traits 1.0.2: Strong typing for Python
PyCrust 0.7.2: GUI-based Python shell
ZODB3 3.1: ZODB and ZEO Object DataBase
Gadfly 1.0.0: An SQL Relational Database in Python 
PySQLite 0.4.3: A Python Extension for the SQLite embedded relational database

> Thanks for any hint,
> Markus


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