position in a for loop?

EP EP at zomething.com
Wed Dec 31 06:30:57 CET 2003

In fear of bringing down the quality of the list, I nevertheless will ask:

How I can tell where I am in a for loop?

I think I am working way too hard to try to determine this - there is 
probably a  very simple way to know?

list=['linguine','Spam', 'clams', 'Spam', 'steak', 'onions', 'apples', 'Spam']
for food in list:
         if food='Spam':
         Spam_location.append(## position in list ##)   ## but how do I 
back reference the position in the for loop?

I am hoping to get:

 >>> Print Spam_locations

I was thinking the back reference might be something like:
But that gives me <listiterator object at 0x00DBE3B0> not a value (position)...

I promise to be smarter next year... any help?


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