OT: Peter Hansen needs to use some humility (was Re: Python & Expect)

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Wed Dec 10 23:19:27 CET 2003

In article <3FD7906E.13832168 at engcorp.com>,
Peter Hansen  <peter at engcorp.com> wrote:
>I did read Jeff's message, though, twice (once before responding, once 
>before sending).  The second time I read it, I noticed (again) that he was 
>apparently aware that Pexpect did not work under Windows, but note his words:
>"I have heard of Pexpect but was told".... a very clear indication that
>he didn't know the real and full story, and hadn't visited the site.  I tried 
>to provide in a somewhat humorous way the hint that "Google is your friend",
>and I don't think he took offense (nor was any intended).  Note also that
>my response actually provided additional information as well: the fact that
>Pexpect *does* "work fine using cygwin" under Windows, which apparently
>Jeff didn't know either.
>I apologize if I scare you, but I don't apologize for making repeated 
>reminders from time to time that people should do the initial legwork 
>themselves before asking.  Nor, for that matter, do I apologize for 
Let me say some of this in my own words:  your response
offered real value to Mr. Barnum because it provided
substantive information on
1.  cygwin!Pexpect (technical detail), but also
2.  to what an extent Google is our friend
    (technical skill, let's say).
Long term, the latter might be a greater benefit.  I
know how much it means to me when someone helps me learn
how to use resources better.

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