medusa as win32 service

Giles Brown giles_brown at
Sun Dec 7 11:42:17 CET 2003

Robin Becker <robin at> wrote in message news:<euYGcKAEMa0$EwFp at>...
> Giles Brown wrote (giles_brown at
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> >
> >I think the cleanest design for this is to use the
> >medusa.threading.select_trigger function to send an asyncore.ExitNow
> >exception into the main select loop.  The only problem with this is
> >that the current medusa.threading.select_trigger (in the sourceforge
> >medusa version) catches (and does not re-raise) this exception.  I've
> >modified our code so that it does not catch it and this seems to work
> >very well (we have a web server using medusa that runs as a service).
> >
> >Regards,
> >Giles Brown
> I just got back to this and cannot find either threading or
> select_trigger in my installed version. I see there was a directory
> called thread in my older medusa. Perhaps that doesn't get installed by

Hmmm.  Quite so.  Looking at

I see there is no "" :-(
Create one yourself?

(I starting using the medusa code before the sourceforge project was
created so I've got used to moving and altering bits of it myself).


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