Find and Delete all files with .xxx extension

William Park opengeometry at
Wed Dec 17 05:06:42 CET 2003

hokiegal99 <hokiegal99 at> wrote:
> > In which case, you look up 'man find xargs' and edit the command to
> >     find ... -print0 | xargs -0 ...
> What would you man on a Windows box??? Not everyone has a unix shell,
> and not everyone wants/needs one. None of our users use Linux/Unix.
> They all use Windows XP or Mac OS X. So, you shouldn't assume that I'm
> running Linux or some other type of Unix. I do as an admin/developer,
> but that's not the point. The above python script will run on Windows,
> Linux, OS X, etc. and it makes for much easier reading. This is a
> python forum. So, you're off-topic.

Sorry... old habit dies hard.  It's just that most people here are on
the receiving end of paycheck, whereas I am on the other end.  And, I
find it hard to write a cheque for 3 days of work for something that can
be done with one line of code.

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