I wan to know how to USE AAIE under pyAA module in python

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Thu Dec 11 14:08:47 CET 2003

bala <blk at srasys.co.in> wrote:
>     I want to know how to use the AAIE under pyAA module in python...

> If u give the Tutorial Link and sample of how to use the AAIE...I will very thankfull to you....

Sorry there is no tutorial though MS has several useful examples in their documentation.

But I encourage you to look at the end of pyAA at the test code that
it includes. You'll see there a derived class myAAIE that both watches
and controls Internet Explorer. The test code repeatedly invokes IE on
different URLs (you might want to change the list so you don't pound
on our servers) and the myAAIE class watches them startup and


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