replacing two EOL chars by one

Pascal Bourguignon spam at
Sun Dec 21 02:36:04 CET 2003

"Paul McGuire" <ptmcg at> writes:

> Is this language really necessary?  I'm sure I've used these words myself,
> but they're certainly not appropriate in a public discussion.

We don't get  the usenet "in color" around here, so  I guess that this
languages reflected the fuming hot  in frustration state of the OP.  I
guess  that  you  could  measure  the  quality of  a  design  and  its
documentations by  the inverse  of the number  of posts related  to it
using such language.

When we'll  have video-usenet, I  guess language will be  more proper,
but we'll  be seeing  keyboads and screens  flying out of  the windows
more often.

> I do not know the answer to your question, it really seems more like a
> regexp question, rather than a problem with Perl.  I hope someone who knows
> the answer can respond, hopefully in more civil language.

Even with sed I find difficult to do that.

On the other hand, with emacs it's quite simple:

M-x replace-string RET C-q C-j C-q C-j RET C-q C-j RET
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