OT: Peter Hansen needs to use some humility (was Re: Python & Expect)

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Wed Dec 10 22:30:22 CET 2003

Luther Barnum wrote:
> Instead of being the newsgroup cop, maybe you should use a little humility
> and actually read the post. It's guys like you that scare newbies from
> newsgroups. I'll bet you didn't know everything when you posted your last
> question.

Hmmm... I thought it was guys like me that answer dozens of questions 
every week from newbies and others, but maybe I mistook me for someone else.

I did read Jeff's message, though, twice (once before responding, once 
before sending).  The second time I read it, I noticed (again) that he was 
apparently aware that Pexpect did not work under Windows, but note his words:
"I have heard of Pexpect but was told".... a very clear indication that
he didn't know the real and full story, and hadn't visited the site.  I tried 
to provide in a somewhat humorous way the hint that "Google is your friend",
and I don't think he took offense (nor was any intended).  Note also that
my response actually provided additional information as well: the fact that
Pexpect *does* "work fine using cygwin" under Windows, which apparently
Jeff didn't know either.

Yes, I could probably use a little humility, but I don't think you're 
attacking me on the right issue here since I did read the post quite 

And no, I "didn't know everything" when I last asked a question here(*),
but I would have visited Google for a while before I did.  

I apologize if I scare you, but I don't apologize for making repeated 
reminders from time to time that people should do the initial legwork 
themselves before asking.  Nor, for that matter, do I apologize for 
playing "net cop" from time to time and asking people to post test 
messages elsewhere, to avoid cross-posting, to remember to change the 
subject line when they change the subject, etc. etc.  One reason Usenet 
has gotten hard to use at times is because of the huge influx of newbies 
and a lack of courage on the part of the oldsters to try to educate them 
more often on proper netiquette.


(*) I don't remember the last time I asked a question, but I believe it
was several months ago.  I asked another one sometime last year, and I
think I've asked two others before that.  One the other hand, I've posted
roughly ... let's see what Google says ... about 3,190 messages here in
the last three years.  And I happen to believe a few of those have actually
helped people...  While I actually appreciate attempts to improve my own 
behaviour when I'm out of line, I'm fairly certain that I wasn't this time.

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