Anyone use ELSE minor-mode in Emacs?

François Pinard pinard at
Sun Dec 21 18:04:09 CET 2003

[François Pinard]
> [John J. Lee]

> > Why? [...] But maybe you were originally a vi user, and have just had
> > a long emacs detour?

> The "Why?" is a bit difficult to tell in a few words.  Especially since
> I still consider Emacs as a wonder.  I explained my reasons to a few
> friends and saved my notes, and I'll probably turn them into some Web
> page if I find some more free time.  Let me post the URL here then...

OK, I started something.  The page is not complete yet, but there is
probably enough in it to give an overall idea of my reasons.  Better
publish it as it stands, than later or never :-).

The simplest is to go through my home page from my signature, and select
`Editors' from the left menu.  Or else, use the link:

My English is approximative, do not hesitate to send me corrections. :-)

P.S. - I was using the Web server for internal use only, it is recent
that I use for outside.  I shall tune it for concurrent accesses.  It
might appear slow at times, especially when Google robots scan all the
pages, a few thousands of them... (pages, not robots! :-)

François Pinard

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