[INFO] SF http checkout!

Rene Aguirre reneaguirre at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 20:40:26 CET 2003

Hi everybody,

I just found and way to checkout a SourceForge project without CVS
this might be usefull for those that can't use cvs to checkout (like
me behind a corporate firewall).

1. Get the daily nightly snapshot of your favorite project using your
2. Extract the file contents of the bz2 file (I like UltimateZip!) to
your 'local repository' directory (any path).
3. Get WinCVS or other software to make a local dir checkout, I used
WinCVS (www.wincvs.org), so, I'll continue assuming you'll use also,
by the way, you won't need to download TCL (13Mb!).
4. On 'Create' menu goto 'Checkout module...', on the 'Checkout
settings' tab use the module name, example 'boa' on boa-constructor
cvs structure, and input your proper local directory for extraction.
5. On the 'General' tab enter your 'local repository' directory (see
step #2), also in the 'Authentication' combo select 'local mounted

That's it!, click 'Ok' and you'll checkout the SF project!.

No web grabber!, No special requirements!, just like that.

Sorry if this is too stupid for anyone. I had a long time looking for
this information.


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